Watch the pure joy of this grandpa receiving light-up sneakers

At the end of this, you’ll find a link to a video where the man pictured on the right joyfully gets a pair of light-up sneakers. My first thought was, “either he is a child at heart or he jogs or walks a lot at night. Maybe that’s not important. What’s important is that someone in his family was paying attention to him. After all, eight years is a long time to want something, especially something that is usually thought of as a ‘kid’s sneaker,’ and yet year after year, nobody got them for him. Of course, it’s also very likely that nobody thought they were also made for adults or nobody noticed them and put two and two together. It’s wonderful that they did.

In the past I’ve often wondered why someone picked some gift or another out for me… something I thought “what could possibly have made them think I would want this?” I’d never say anything like that because #1, they did put some thought into it and I wouldn’t want to be a rude bore about it and chance hurting their feelings and #2, there have been times I’ve gotten something I didn’t think I would want, but eventually came to appreciate and was happy I had, happy someone got something for me that I would never have gotten for myself.

This year, for the fourth year in a row I did not get any of the things I told people I wanted and I thought, next year I’m not going to bother, but after seeing this video of thought better of it. Maybe they are listening but they just weren’t able to get what I was hoping for or perhaps they just had a better idea.

I’m sure I’m guilty of ignoring peoples’ requests, too. I put a lot of thought into picking out gifts and sometimes it’s very hard and sometimes, I’m sure what I’ve picked out is generating the, “What made him think I would ever want something like this.”

Now, in the event someone I know is reading this, a pair of light-up sneakers wouldn’t embarrass me at all.

Source: Watch the pure joy of this grandpa receiving light-up sneakers 

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