So many puppies. But none of them will be Word of the Year.

Clement, I wasn’t sure of its meaning, so I looked it up. That’s when I stumbled on this story on the Miriam Webster Dictionary site about popular word searches and the word of the year according to that site at least. 

Trending words this year included: Fascism. Misogyny. Acrimonious. Nasty. Bigot. Puppy?

However, the Miriam Webster website might have influenced the trending searches by asking its visitors to search for something other than the most searched for word: Fascism.

The site didn’t want Fascism to be its “Word of the year,” and it was looking like that was going to happen since the formula used to determine the Word of the year was simply the most searched for word.

After Miriam Webster asked its visitors to search for something else such as ‘Flumdiddle.’

I don’t know if I helped the cause at all, but I bit. I did not search for Fascism, but I did search for flummadiddle.

  1. something foolish or worthless:  nonsense, trash
  2. bauble, frill


Actually, there is a second, more important criteria that influenced Miriam Websters choice for their Word of the Year, and that is “words that show a greater year-over-year increase.” In other words, fascism won’t automatically be the choice for this year’s word. That means a word like ‘puppy, flummadiddle, sockdolager, or maybe even clement.

And by the way, I thought ‘clement’ meant easy or mild and I was right.

  1. inclined to be merciful: lenient <a clement judge>
  2. mild <clement weather for this time of year>

Source: In a Time of Uncertainty, a Divided Nation Searches for Puppies – Trending 12/2/2016 | Merriam-Webster

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