Oren Aharon Cohen told police he does not remember details of this incident because he was “black out drunk.”

The Washington Post reported this story about a family that woke up to find a stranger holding their two-year-old daughter. The man tossed the child on a sofa. He says he thought he was playing with a midget. He says he was so drunk he didn’t really know where he was or what he was actually doing.

Now, Cohen is in jail, charged with a number of crimes and wants to be deported. He feels he should be released because as far as he’s concerned all he did was go in the wrong door and play with a dwarf.

Whenever I read something like this I wonder, ‘Why do people do stupid stuff like this? ‘ Why would they want or allow themselves to get so drunk they don’t know what they’re doing. I have never understood why anyone would drink till they’ve lost control of themselves. I understand the idea of ‘getting buzzed.’ Sometimes it’s nice to feel lighter, to feel like we have fewer problems and worries, to feel a little better if only for a moment. But that often becomes the problem. The feeling is temporary. Then the feeling wears off, we get sober and we have to deal with the reason or reasons we wanted to get buzzed. Either that or we have to continue drinking (or do drugs) in order to continue dealing with our issues by not dealing with them.

No matter what a person’s reason for drinking till he or she loses control, the end result is almost always disappointing. Eventually, we have to face our problems or we continue not facing them until something much worse, often something terrible happens and we are forced to face our problems either in jail, in a hospital, or in a morgue.

I don’t know why Oren Aharon Cohen drank till he was ‘black out drunk,” but it resulted in a double tragedy. First, a family will likely be having nightmares or live in an amount of fear for awhile, maybe forever, and a man is in jail and probably going to be deported from a country he may not have been planning to leave. The saddest part about this is that Cohen doesn’t appear to realize he has a problem.

I worked with a Sport Reporter a number of years who was very good at his job, award worth;, but the rest of his life was a mess. As a result, he found any excuse to celebrate, which always meant drinking till he was ‘black out drunk.’ He often woke up in jail, having no idea how he got there. The worst though, was the night he pounded on the front door screaming for his wife to let him in. The problem was the house wasn’t his and he was 30 miles from home. He thought it was pretty funny. It took him awhile to face his problems, but it wasn’t until after he lost his wife and his job. A terrible tragedy because the first time I heard him I thought he would some day be working at a major market radio or TV station. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the path he chose and in the end, it’s all just a choice.

Source: A dad was awakened by his toddler’s crying. He found a stranger holding her in the living room. – The Washington Post

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