State and local officials are interpreting Texas’s Merry Christmas Law differently.

A scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

It will forever baffle me why people feel another person does not have the right to express a belief different from theirs in any public location. Simply by attempting to deny that person from expressing their belief is in itself an expression of belief.

Am I making sense here? Or am I far off base? The person who says you do not have the right to express your belief is saying, but I have the right to express my opposing belief.

The person who says you do not have the right to express your belief is also saying, but I have the right to express my opposing belief.

In this instance,  a school nurse expressed a religious belief – a religious meaning of Christmas – some parents apparently demanded that she take down a poster hanging on her office door and that she not be allowed to express her belief because the school was a public place and their children should not be exposed to such beliefs.

It baffles me why people are so afraid of an opposing belief. Simply by allowing someone to express that opposing belief does not mean you are accepting it or agreeing with it. Usually, you can take it or leave it. You can turn off the TV, change the channel, burn the paper, leave the room, or stop listening. Just because someone says or does something in your presence does not mean you are agreeing with what they are saying or doing. Even if they hold a gun to your head they cannot change what you truly believe.

Where children are concerned parents cannot watch over everything the child sees or does. They cannot micromanage the child. Good communication and time spent with the child will be much more effective than trying to control the child’s surroundings. Being open, honest, and understanding with the child will usually give the child the ability to decide for him or herself what is harmful and what is not, what should be believed and what should not.

I imagine most of the children in that school did not think one way or another about what the nurse had hanging on her door. They probably thought it was nice. They probably related to it because they had seen it on TV. They probably did not think there was anything right or wrong about it until some parents rather than have faith in their children’s ability to understand something for what it was, decided to take that ability away from their child.

The way I see it, those parents are poor parents. I doubt they communicate well with their child. I imagine they are authoritarian and afraid to let their children make their own choices. In other words, they want their children to be sheep, not shepherds.

Do you agree or disagree?

Source: In Texas, a religious liberty battle rages at one school over quote from ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ – The Washington Post

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