A great way for kids to brush up on reading skills? Why, reading to the barber, of course. That’s the idea at one barbershop in Ypsilanti, Mich. Oh, and in Houston, Dubuque, Iowa, and Columbus, Ohio.

This is a wonderful idea. A child picks out a book, reads it to the barber while getting his hair cut and the barber knocks $2 off the regular price for kids haircuts. That in itself is a good reason to choose one barbershop over another, but some shops make it even better. Some quiz the child about the book, just to be sure the child both read and understood what was read. Others charge the full price for the haircut but give the $2 back to the child.

I hated getting my hair cut when I was a child, still do in fact. It was boring sitting in the chair while an old man poked around on my head when I could have been outside playing ball somewhere. The worst part was that I always wanted a bath or shower afterward because of the itch. Even though the barber wrapped me in a big cloth and wrapped something around my neck little bits of hair still found their way under my shirt and into my pants.

Back then if I knew I was going to get $2 when the barber was finished I’d probably have been begging my dad for a haircut every week. I might also have figured out how to read when I was in first grade, rather than waiting until I was in third (but that’s another story.


Source: Choose A Book And Read To Your Barber, He’ll Take A Little Money Off The Top : NPR Ed : NPR

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