Tring to find the xxxxx best wordThis New Yorker cartoon is paraphrasing Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Today’s writers bleed a little less thanks to the computer’s bloody word processing capabilities. I’ve also found  that if I write my first draft with a red #2 lead pencil I bleed a little less. It’s a blood splattered probably hemorrhaging about as easy to scratch blot out a word, phrase, sentence, etc. with a computer as it is with a pencil and paper, but it seems easier to use the pencil. Cutting and pasting is more difficult with the pencil, but for me, that’s the gory second draft.

It often seems finding the best word or a word close enough (the best word  is usually found by rewriting and rewriting and, etc.) is too much of a time, energy, thought,and too many peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwich consuming  process.

While it may not ‘take a village’ to find the best word, it often ‘takes a tree.’

Every writer has different ways to deal with finding the bloodthirsty best word or words but we have a limited amount of blood?

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