don't touchWhat is it about this sign that makes me want touch it – if not with my finger (gently, gingerly, carefully of course), then with something – a stick, a blade of grass, a piece of  paper, anything just to see if the edges really are sharp and if they are, how sharp are they?

Could I cut my finger on this sign if I just touched it or would I have to do something really stupid, like try to pull it out of the ground or punch it, hard? Could I use it to slice bread, or slice a loaf of lunch-meat or a block of cheese for a sandwich? What if I was walking across this field, taking a short-cut at night and stumbled into this sign? Would they find my mangled body in the morning and say, “Tsk, tsk, we told him not to touch the sign!”

The last thing I’m wondering (well, there are other things I’m wondering, but there’s no reason to go wandering off after them here, after all we are dealing with a sharp-edged sign right in front of us), is are there other signs nearby? Signs just like this one, or maybe signs that say things like, “Do not touch, electrified” or simply, “Do not touch, wet paint,” or maybe something like, “Do not touch,. Touching this sign could metamorphose you into becoming a Cubs fan.” That is a frightening thought!

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