Inside_a_car_washThis is really stupid, but I love taking my car to the car wash, the kind where you drive in and the machinery around you washes your car.

Maybe it comes from sitting inside the car when I was probably five or six while my father hosed it down and washed it. I think I liked seeing the soap slide off the windows.

Now, while I still like seeing the soap slide off the car, it’s something else that excites me, something my father could never accomplish. It’s the very eerie feeling that the car is moving even though I have the brake on and the engine turned off.

I guess I’m easily amused, but there is something very surreal about that sensation that I look forward to more than having a shiny car.

I’ve never seen “The Silence of the Lambs” or any of the “Freddie” or “Friday the 13th” movies. I feel I don’t need that kind of terror in my life. And why should I, especially when I can get a similar thrill just by going to the car wash?


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