A story I began working on awhile ago that I haven’t touched in months surfaced today when I saw this picture.

The story is a humorous thriller (or maybe just a bumbling idiot trying to stay alive). In one scene my hero, Torrance, is fleeing from a trio of guys trying to kill him. He realizes he is in the neighborhood of a former girlfriend. Her apartment is password protected. He has to enter a code into a keypad and say a word into a microphone.

Even before he gets there he remembers the word, but the password which is the girl’s dog’s name followed by its birthday, which Torrance is surprised he remembers. However, there is a symbol between the dog’s name and it’s birthday and it’s the symbol that’s the problem. Again and again Torrance types in Gene followed by a symbol then 62299 and each time the machine buzzes loudly. Each time he is torn between trying again and  running again, because he knows the buzzing is so loud it’s going to lead the bad guys right to him.

Anyway, it’s funny how the muse works and when creativity decides to strike. I know I have to work on this story again, if for no other reason, than to find out if Torrance ever figured out the password.


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